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The QCSA has released the Handbook on Scoring 2021, the third edition of its definitive guide to the art of scoring a cricket match.

"Cricket is a dynamic game, and the demands on scorers are constantly changing," said association president Peter Gagen.

"This new edition has been updated to reflect changes in the laws of cricket where they impact on scoring the game."

"We want our members to have access to the latest information, whether they are they are newer members just starting out, or seasoned veterans."

About the Handbook

The QCSA produced the handbook to support all those interested in scoring - from the novice taking up scoring for the love of the game, to those seeking to score at the highest level.

The handbook starts from the basics - what equipment you will need, how to complete various sections of the scorebook - but even experienced scorers will find it helpful, as it explains situations you might only come across rarely, or that only applies at higher levels of cricket.

How do I get a copy?

You can obtain a copy of the third edition by:

  • downloading the full handbook, or selected sections, from this website's Resources page

  • if you are a QCSA member - emailing the association at

  • if you are not a QCSA member, or would like additional copies - purchasing a hard copy through Wordwright Editing.

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