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Membership Form

Those interested in joining the QCSA can do so for free by downloading and submitting our membership form.  All members should aspire to complete, as a minimum, a Certificate of Competency from the QCSA by completing a short test of their knowledge (see By-law 2 below).

Rules of the QCSA

All members are requested to be aware of the rules of our Association, which can be found by selecting the link below:

Rules of the Queensland Cricket Scorer's Association

Blue Card (Working with children)

As a QCSA scorer, you are expected to hold a blue card, but you are regarded as a volunteer, so there will be no need to pay a fee.  If you undertake other non-QCSA activities that require a Blue Card, you will need to check if those activities require a fee to be paid.

Go to the Blue Card Services website, then select Apply for a Blue Card.

QCSA By-laws and codes


QCSA Handbook on Scoring 2021

You can download the complete handbook here, or view individual sections.

Individual Sections

The QCSA Scoring Tips is a two page document detailing the basics of scoring. These sheets can be printed and attached inside the front cover of your scorebook and are a ready resource for players who find themselves needing to do their own scoring.

Ready reckoners


Other resources

Running Sheets

The standard QCSA running sheet is available as a PDF, or if you would like to make adaptations to suit your own preferences, it is available an Excel file.

You can see how different scorers use their running sheets here.

Some alternative running sheets that you might like to trial are also available:

  • Beginners running sheet - based on the standard QCSA running sheet, this sheet allows you to get used to tracking batters' balls faced and scores, as well as time, without tracking minutes and partnership balls. It is available as a PDF or an adaptable Excel file.

  • Advanced running sheet - this is an alternative to the standard QCSA running sheet.  While it records much the same information, it is ordered differently, and allows for 50 overs per sheet (handy for one day games), with a space for notes. It is available as a PDF or an adaptable Word file.

The key thing is to see what works for you and adapt if necessary.

Scorecards and calculators

Miscellaneous resources

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